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USCG: Sector Mobile MSIB 13-19 ITV Fleet Status

Excerpt from MSIB 13-19 Sector Mobile ITV Fleet Status:

As reminder, July 20, 2020 is the date in which each company is required to have a Certificate of Inspection (COi) for at least 50 percent of their towing vessel fleet IA W 46 CFR I 36.202(b ). During second cycle, Sector Mobile received less than 20 applications for inspections. Some vessels may have already been issued (or applied for) COis from other OCMI zones. Please provide Sector Mobile a roster with all company vessels including COi status (issued/not issued) and what OCMI zone issued the COi. Sector Mobile requests information be sent to no later than December I, 20 I 9.

To minimize delays, 46 CFR 136.210 requires an application for inspection and supporting documentation be submitted 30 days in advance for an initial COL Additionally, the inspection shall be scheduled a minimum of three months prior.

To aid in the process, Sector Mobile has developed Subchapter M checklists outlining the submittal process and required documentation. To obtain a checklist, please visit our Homeport website.
If th.ere are questions regarding the COI process please contact the Sector Mobile scheduler by email at or call 251-441-5262.

Click here to download MSIB 13-19

USCG: UPDATE CVC-WI-015(2) Determinations for a Vessel’s Keel Laid Date or Similar Stage of Construction for U.S. Flag Vessels


The Coast Guard has updated CVC-WI-015(2) Determinations for a Vessel’s Keel Laid Date or Similar Stage of Construction for U.S. Flag Vessels.

Click here to download the CVC-WI-015(2).

USCG: Marine Safety Alert – UPDATE Cal-June Jim Buoy PFDs

09/27/2019 – Safety Alert 10-19

This safety alert raises awareness of a potentially dangerous circumstance involving Cal-June Jim Buoy Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) . During several inspections involving different vessels Coast Guard personnel discovered a significant number (>100) of Type I PFDs which were not wearable if needed during an emergency.

Noted Jim-Buoy Models #601 or #603 (approval numbers 160.055/115/0 and 160.055/116/0, respectively) are referenced.

Click here to download the Marine Safety Alert.