As of January 1, 2016, the RCP audit process and related audit documents have been revised with substantial changes. Auditors who have not attended refresher training prior to January 1, 2016 will not be able to conduct RCP audits until they have successfully completed refresher training.

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Our training and certification education programs are designed so that the towing vessel auditors who come out of them are the best in the business. We provide all the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct marine surveys and audits of marine safety management systems.

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Towing Vessel Operators

Our auditors are experienced marine industry professionals who understand that towing vessel operators’ business is on the water. TVIB auditors and surveyors provide friendly, thorough, and professional audit and survey services for towing vessel operators nationwide.

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Auditing and Survey Services

TSMS certificates

As a third-party organization (TPO), we're capable of issuing TSMS certificates

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Conduct audits & surveys

TVIB conducts external audits and surveys of towing vessels and safety management systems

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Standards & Regulations

Our members provide valuable insight on industry standards and the regulatory outlook

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Compliance Training

We offer training for auditors and surveyors in all aspects of Subchapter M compliance

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TVIB educates, develops audit and survey tools, and certifies member auditors and surveyors to perform consistent, objective and independent audits and surveys of marine operators.

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