Certification Programs

certification-programsTVIB Certification Programs

The marine towing industry is complex and constantly changing, so education that encompasses the latest practices, regulations and technology is essential for auditors and surveyors who want to stay at the forefront of their fields. TVIB offers a variety of certification programs at locations all across the country that help marine towing professionals build their expertise and advance their careers. Our certification courses are held throughout the year in locations across the country.

TVIB Certifications

TVIB certifications do not expire as long as members remain in good standing by paying member dues, adhering to our Code of Ethics, participating in our continuing professional development program, and attending periodic refresher training.

Building Your Business with TVIB

Among the many benefits that a TVIB education and certification offer is the added value they can bring to your business. A TVIB certification comes with the credibility of a nationally recognized organization and the strong reputation we’ve earned within the marine towing industry through the consistently excellent work of our TVIB-certified auditors and surveyors. Our courses also provide you with tools to help spread the word about your certifications and work to help you expand your business and reach new clients.

Application Review and Acceptance

Prior to admission into a certification program, each individual must complete a membership application. Once you have submitted your completed application with the application fee ($250), TVIB will review your application.

You should be prepared to answer any potential questions we may have about your work experience, education and desired level of certification either via telephone or email. Once TVIB makes a decision on your application, TVIB will notify you and advise you on the next steps for completing your certification, including registering for the next available relevant course(s) for the credential you are seeking.

You have one year from the date of your initial application to provide any missing documents in their application, take the certification course and pass the final exam to become certified. If you’re unable to complete the application and certification process within one year, you will be required to restart the process.