TVIB believes that the key to upholding the highest standards of marine safety auditing and surveying is education, which is why we’re continually developing our courses so that we’re always in step with the latest industry advancements and regulations.

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Since 2013, TVIB has accredited, trained and certified more than 100 auditor members to conduct Responsible Carrier Program compliance audits for AWO carrier members. We’ve also provided additional educational opportunities for members of the maritime industry through courses on Marine Internal Lead Auditing.

unnamed-10We’re currently in the process of updating and revising our course offerings in order to conform to the requirements of Subchapter M. Please check back as we’ll be posting the dates and details of our training opportunities soon.

Auditor and surveyor members may advertise themselves as TVIB-Certified only upon final completion of the respective course(s) and certification. Auditors and surveyors must remain members in good standing with TVIB to enjoy the benefits of membership. Each endorsement on an auditor or surveyor member’s certificate may have different requirements.

The following is a list of our current certification endorsements that may be earned from TVIB after completing our courses:

  • TVIB-Certified AWO RCP Lead Auditor Endorsement
  • TVIB-Certified AWO RCP Vessel Auditor Endorsement
  • TVIB-Certified Auditor of Inspected Towing Vessels Endorsement (Subchapter M)
  • TVIB-Certified Surveyor of Inspected Towing Vessels Endorsement (Subchapter M)