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MobileOps and TVIB Announce Integration

MobileOps, a leading provider of maritime operations software solutions, is excited to unveil its latest integration with the Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB), a Coast Guard-approved third-party organization for Subchapter M compliance. This integration is streamlining compliance management processes and significantly enhancing operational efficiency for maritime businesses. The request to integrate the two systems originated from a customer and is now getting accolades from other MobileOps customers, as they see value in the data integration and streamlined process.

TVIB, renowned for its comprehensive Subchapter M compliance services, is an invaluable resource for vessel operators navigating a complex landscape of regulations and safety requirements. TVIB has built innovative compliance systems to not only conduct required regulatory activities, but also to share the data collected back with each customer, with the goal of transparency and continuous improvement with federal regulations for every vessel operator. Through this integration, MobileOps users can now seamlessly link TVIB audit and survey findings in MobileOps, transforming the way compliance data is managed and shared across platforms.

Michael Armfield, President of MobileOps, expressed his excitement, stating, “Our collaboration with TVIB marks a significant leap in simplifying compliance management for operators. By bridging the gap between our platforms, we are enabling our users to effortlessly connect audit and survey findings, eliminate duplicate work, and achieve unparalleled efficiency within a single operational ecosystem.”

Traditionally, TVIB users faced the challenge of duplicating data entry by tracking the same findings both in TVIB’s platform and MobileOps’ compliance module. This labor-intensive process required users to resolve findings in both systems, resulting in time-consuming double-work and reduced productivity.

This powerful new integration enables the automated flow of data from TVIB’s Quickbase system directly to the MobileOps platform, where nonconformities can be created in just a few clicks using the TVIB Finding #, establishing a one-time linkage. Subsequent updates made to Nonconformity workflows in MobileOps then automatically update in TVIB’s Quickbase. This seamless flow of data not only eliminates the need for redundant data entry but also ensures that TVIB’s Quickbase findings are updated in real-time, automating the process of closing out audit and survey findings more efficiently.

“Collaborating with MobileOps was a natural step in our commitment to simplifying compliance processes. This integration empowers our users to focus on their operations rather than administrative tasks, fostering a culture of efficiency and accuracy.” -Lauren Jeppson, Executive Vice President of TVIB

The MobileOps and TVIB integration brings forth a new era of compliance management, aligning regulatory compliance and technology to drive efficiency and accuracy. As the maritime sector continues to evolve, this collaboration stands as a beacon of progress, simplifying complex processes for a brighter future.

About MobileOps:

MobileOps is a leading maritime fleet management software company, providing solutions that empower maritime companies to manage their operations with ease, efficiency, and safety. With a commitment to innovation, MobileOps delivers comprehensive tools that enable maritime professionals to streamline processes, enhance safety protocols, and drive operational excellence. For more information, visit

About TVIB:

The Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau, or TVIB, is a non-profit, professional trade organization of marine auditors, surveyors and businesses formed in 2009. TVIB became a Coast Guard-approved third-party organization for Subchapter M compliance activities in 2017. In addition to conducting compliance activities on behalf of the Coast Guard, TVIB provides educational opportunities for the maritime industry on auditing towing safety management systems and conducting towing vessel surveys for regulatory compliance, and trains and certifies professional marine auditors and surveyors to conduct consistent, objective and independent audits and surveys of marine operators. TVIB members provide marine audit and survey services to inland, coastal and ocean-going towing operators, as well as support service operators, across the country. For more information, visit


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TVIB Talks March 23-All About the DPA

Do you know what Subchapter M requires of the Designated Person Ashore (DPA)? Are you looking for ways your organization can set the DPA up for success, while following the regulatory requirements of this person?

Join us for our bi-monthly FREE webinar series, TVIB Talks, on March 23, 2023 at 2:00 PM CDT for an exciting conversation with guest speakers Rick Dunn, President of SafeMARINER, LLC and David Foret, Jr. of the ACTion group, who will focus on considerations for the DPA, company management, internal and external auditors and anyone involved in safety and compliance.

During this one-hour webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • How the DPA requirements of Sub M, RCP and ISM Code differ
  • What organizations can do to help set the DPA up for success
  • What steps the DPA and company management can take to protect themselves
  • Whether the DPA can be an internal auditor for a very small company

We will also dive into a real-life case study: Certified Letter From USCG to DPA after a Fatality … what to do if this happens?

While TVIB Talks webinars are usually only open to TVIB members, this special session is open to anyone in the industry who is looking for tips for the DPA, ways to stay in compliance and prevent future issues from occurring.


If you are looking for additional training opportunities for DPAs, Internal Auditors or on risk management generally, please visit the ACTSafe Training website.

TVIB Acquires Marine Auditing Firm

St. Louis, MO, January 5, 2017 – Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB) is excited to announce its acquisition of Quality Auditing, LC, effective December 31, 2016. This purchase strengthens TVIB’s three-fold mission of providing world-class training and continuing education for marine auditors and surveyors, developing comprehensive audit and survey tools, and becoming a U.S. Coast Guard Third-Party Organization (TPO) under 46 CFR Subchapter M.

Founded in 2009, Quality Auditing, LC has been a leading full-service marine auditing firm specializing in providing third-party vendor audits and AWO Responsible Carrier Program audits utilizing a network of auditors located throughout the inland waterways. This acquisition enables TVIB to expand its regulatory compliance service offerings for the industry as it prepares to conduct audits and surveys as a TPO.


“Quality Auditing brings best in class offerings for auditing solutions, ensuring consistency and integrity in audit performance. Their professional staff and strong industry partnerships will provide significant value for our clients,” said Chris Parsonage, TVIB’s Executive Director.

Tava Foret is transitioning from her role as Quality Auditing’s President into the newly created position of TVIB’s Director of Audit and Survey Services. Ms. Foret has extensive experience in advising and training both employers and auditors in regulatory compliance issues and is enthusiastic about the acquisition.

“Quality Auditing built its reputation on performing audits consistently from one organization to the next, delivering a quality product to our customers year after year. Combining our audit services with TVIB’s training and accrediting services immediately enhances TVIB’s presence in the marketplace” said Ms. Foret.

Upon approval by the U.S. Coast Guard, TVIB will begin conducting audits of towing safety management systems (TSMS) and the vessels to which that TSMS applies, to verify compliance with Subchapter M and to issue TSMS certificates. TVIB will also conduct Subchapter M vessel surveys as its member ranks of marine surveyors continues to grow.

About TVIB: Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit professional trade organization of marine auditors and surveyors. TVIB educates, develops audit and survey tools and certifies marine auditors and surveyors to perform consistent, objective and independent audits and surveys of marine operators. Our members provide marine audit and survey services to inland, coastal and ocean-going towing operators across the country.

TVIB’s headquarters will be in Houston, TX with satellite offices in Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO, and Destin, FL.

For Further Information Contact:

Chris Parsonage, Executive Director

Tava S. Foret, Director of Audit and Survey Services