USCG: 32 Days from the 50% COI Requirement of 07/20/2020 – 835s Issued for Failure to Meet the 2019 25% COI Requirements

We are seeing the first CG-835Vs issued to vessels for failure to meet the 25% from last July.  In the image above you can read the text from the description of the issue cited during and “Administrative Inspection.”  In this case, the owner/managing operator of the vessel has been given 90-days to make the vessel available for a Coast Guard COI inspection.  If the inspection has not been completed by the 90th day the CG-835V will transition from a code “705 Other: rectify in 90 days” to a code “60 Rectify deficiencies prior to movement” at which time the vessel will no longer be allowed to operate.

Last week on the AWO Summer of Safety conversation with RDML Timme, he communicated the same for the upcoming 50% COI requirement for vessel fleets of more than one vessel and for all owner/managing operators of only one existing towing vessel.

COVID-19 has not pushed back any compliance deadlines set forth in the regulations. The USCG has provided guidance on extensions for certain events and the option of virtual events where feasible. TVIB recently extended the date for activities in which a TPO customer may request an extension or virtual events. Audit and survey activities that have a compliance deadline between now and July 31, 2020, that will not be attainable due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 are eligible to submit the request in accordance with the TVIB COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Subchapter M Compliance published on the website and linked here.

Please visit our COVID-19 web page for forms and additional resources.

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