Critical Information and Resources for TVIB TPO Customers, Auditors and Surveyors

Updated 03/18/2021

We have extended the time period for events that you may request an extension or virtual activity out to April 30, 2021.

This ONLY applies to audit and survey activities that have a compliance deadline between now and April 30, 2021, that will not be attainable due to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

We will evaluate this timeline on/about 04/15/2021, to determine if further adjustments are necessary. We strongly suggest that all reasonable efforts are taken to maintain current timelines so as not to compress the following audit/survey cycle.

If you filed a Request for Extension early on, please check your deadline. At this time, the USCG has not revised MSIB 09-20 to extend the initial extension beyond the original 90-days granted. If you have not already completed the activity then you need to ensure that it occurs within the timeframe allotted. You can conduct the activity in person or submit a Virtual Activity Request.

As we move closer to the one-year mark for virtual events, we strongly recommend that a company not conduct back-to-back annual surveys as virtual activities. Approval of a back-to-back virtual annual survey will be contingent on extenuating circumstances and will require additional consideration prior to approval.  


TVIB Guidelines and Forms

  • TVIB COVID-19 Contingency Plan for Subchapter M Compliance, revised 04/01/2020 (currently effective thru 06/30/2020, subject to extension or modification) – Click here
  • TVIB Virtual Activity Request, revised 04/01/2020Click here
  • **UPDATE** TVIB Request for Extension, revised 07/17/2020Click here
  • TVIB COVID-19 Planning Webinar 04/02 Recording – Watch On-Demand, published 04/02/2020Click Here
  • TVIB Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce COVID-19 (contains letter for auditors/surveyors that may need to transit to/from affected areas), published 03/22/2020 – Click here
  • Health Alert – COVID-19 Strategies , published 03/09/2020 – Click here

United States Coast Guard Resources

  • MSIB 13-20: Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Operations, published 04/03/2020Click here
  • MSIB 12-20: Vessel and Facility Response Plans, published 04/02/2020Click here
  • MSIB 11-20: Maintaining Maritime Commerce and Identification of Essential Maritime Critical Infrastructure Workers, published 03/27/2020 – Click here
  • MSIB 10-20: COVID-19 – Guidance for Maritime Operators on Compliance with Federal Drug Testing Requirements, published 03/27/2020Click here
  • MSIB 09-20: Vessel Inspections, Exams, and Documentation, published 03/26/2020Click here
  • MSIB 06-20 Reporting Requirements, published 03/13/2020 – Click here
  • *REVISED* MSIB 02-20 (Change 5) Novel Coronavirus – Update, published 05/27/2020Click here

American Waterways Operators Resources

  • AWO Contingency Planning Guide for Towing Vessel and Barge Operators, Version 2Click here
  • AWO COVID-19 Resource Page – Click here

03/30/2020- We are postponing all scheduled training through May 31, 2020, and will reevaluate the schedule as additional information and guidance on COVID-19 is released. You can email for more information or stay tuned to the TVIB blog and education web pages on the TVIB website.

To report a marine casualty, CG-835V, major non-conformity or unsafe condition call TVIBs
24-hour response line: 888-983-TVIB (8842)