TRAINING: Launch of the 2020 Training Calendar

We’re pleased to share with you the 2020 Training Calendar, showcasing the first ten courses scheduled for the year.  We have added the new Drydock/Internal Structural Examination Certification and Confined Space Shipyard Competent Person courses to our course offerings this year (click here to link to the DD/ISE course information). We will continue to add more courses as details are set.

Annual Survey of Towing Vessels April 14 – 16Channelview, TX
Drydock/ISE Certification May 4 – 6Channelview, TX
Confined Space Shipyard Competent PersonMay 7 – 8Channelview, TX
Auditor Certification June 2 – 3Channelview, TX
Drydock/ISE CertificationJuly 21 – 23Pittsburgh, PA
Drydock/ISE CertificationAugust 4 – 6Hebron, KY (Cincinnati)
Drydock/ISE CertificationAug 31 – Sep 2New Orleans, LA
Auditor Certification October 6 – 7Channelview, TX
Annual Survey of Towing Vessels November 3 – 5New Orleans, LA
Drydock/ISE CertificationNov 30 – Dec 2Paducah, KY

Click here for course information and registration.

MORE TRAINING NEWS: We’ve been listening and are developing online course offerings. First up for our online courses will be an Overview of DD/ISE for Compliance Personnel courseThis course is intended to communicate the expectations of the DD/ISE program requirements for those that elected to use an internal survey program.  We will walk through how to structure the TSMS to ensure compliance and what to expect from USCG interaction with the TPO, the DD/ISE surveyor and the organization.  We will be developing additional online course offerings and are welcome to hear suggestions and discuss topics that are well suited for the online learning environment.

If you have any questions, please call (832) 323-3992

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