Drydock and Internal Structural Examination Course

Course Description: 3 Day Course

Subchapter M requires all inspected towing vessels that have obtained a Certificate of Inspection (COI) to undergo a drydock and internal structural examination (DD/ISE) at least once for freshwater vessels and twice for saltwater vessels every five years.

This three-day course will provide those surveyors who plan to conduct drydock and internal structural examinations of inspected towing vessels for compliance with Subchapter M the tools, skills and knowledge to complete these examinations, and provides a path toward an industry-recognized credential. Pre-course online work is also required.

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Who should attend:

  • Marine surveyors
  • Naval architects/naval engineers
  • Coast Guard Marine Inspectors and Investigators
  • Shipyard personnel involved in vessel repairs
  • Port engineers
  • Survey program managers
  • Individuals who intend to conduct drydock and internal structural examinations of ITVs

What will I learn in this course?

  • Learn how to conduct drydock examinations of towing vessels and internal structural examinations
  • Learn how to write examination reports that satisfy Subchapter M requirements
  • Understand the relationships between the third-party organization (TPO), surveyor, vessel owner/managing operator, Coast Guard and shipyard along with the expectations for each party involved
  • Understand how the vessel’s TSMS affects the DD/ISE process
  • Learn how to apply guidance from multiple reference materials to assist in making determinations of whether an item’s condition is suitable for route and service
  • Learn how to approve corrective action plans (CAP) that will meet TPO and Coast Guard expectations

Following the successful completion of this course, individuals seeking to become credentialed DD/ISE surveyors must complete the application process and complete a practical demonstration of surveying skills, which may include a “check ride” with a certified TVIB Drydock/ISE Surveyor.

Individuals who do not intend to conduct drydock and internal structural examinations may attend the course to obtain a better understanding of what is entailed in these compliance activities.


February 6-8, 2024 in Houston, TX 

July 30-August 1. 2024 

November 5-7, 2024