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USCG: Commercial Vessel Safety during Lapse in Coast Guard Appropriations

MSIB 01-19, issued 1/23/2019 by CG-CVC, provides guidance to assist vessel owners, operators, and other affected parties during the lapse in appropriations. The MSIB covers the USCG’s plans for addressing the following items during the partial government shutdown:

  • COFRs – Certificates of Financial Responsibility
  • CODs – Certificates of Documentation (impacts on COIs)
  • MMCs – Merchant Mariner Credentials

EXCERPT – “In the absence of enacted appropriation or continuing resolution, the Coast Guard is required to execute an orderly suspension of some operations and activities. In general, the Coast Guard will continue operations authorized by law that provide for national security, or that protect life and property. However, certain administrative functions will be limited.”

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USCG: D8 MSIB 18-01 USCG OCMI Contact List: Subchapter M External Notifications


The USCG Eighth District published MSIB 18-01: Coast Guard Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) Contact List: Subchapter M External Audit Notifications

Purpose: In accordance with 46 CFR §138.500(a), the owner or managing operator of a towing vessel must notify the local OCMI at least 72 hours prior to an external audit conducted under this part. Third Party Organizations (TPOs) and towing vessel owner/operators are encouraged to use the below contacts for submitting external audit notifications. 

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USCG: MSIB 13-18: Special Considerations for Sub M – Flammable/Combustible Storage Cabinets


USCG Sector Houston-Galveston issued MSIB 13-18: Special Considerations for Subchapter M Regulations – Flammable/Combustible Storage Cabinets. This MSIB addresses requests related to existing aluminum constructed flammable/combustible storage cabinets and the circumstances that Sector Houston-Galveston will consider them as meeting the requirements of 46 CFR 142.225 when issuing a COI to an inspected towing vessel (ITV).

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