TVIB: VIRTUAL Sub M Auditor Training Course

Due to the rise in COVID cases and the impact the Delta variant is having across the nation, TVIB realizes some people may not feel as comfortable traveling to attend a class. With this in mind, TVIB has decided to transition the upcoming Subchapter M Auditor class to be delivered virtually rather than the traditional in-person setting. This change will affect this training session only. Any future sessions will be decided on a case by case issue closer to the date of the course. Course registration is still open and course information can be found below.

Course Description:

The Subchapter M Auditor Certification course (2 day VIRTUAL course) teaches external (third-party) auditors how to audit a company’s TSMS, with an emphasis on those companies using the American Waterways Operators’ Responsible Carrier Program as the framework for their TSMS. Students who successfully complete this course will have an in-depth understanding of auditing both safety management systems and the vessels that operate under those systems and what compliance means under Subchapter M. This is the appropriate course for those individuals seeking certification to become an approved TPO Auditor, as well as an RCP Lead Auditor/Vessel Auditor. This course is also ideal for company personnel who want to better understand the expectations of their external auditor. The course includes an online pre-course portion that MUST be completed prior to attending class.

This course is substantially equal to an ISO 9001 course approved by the USCG as a “recognized equivalent to the requirements of 46 Code of Federal Regulations, 139.130(b)(3), lead auditor/assessor course.”

Course Objective: To train students to conduct management audits and vessel audits utilizing the RCP or Subchapter M as the standard, and meet the requirements of the regulation that the auditors attend a TSMS class.


Registration—October 6-7

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