USCG: CG-CVC Policy Letter 20-01 Subchapter M Enforcement Posture for Certificate of Inspection (COI) Phase-In Requirements

Excerpt from Coast Guard Maritime Commons – originally posted 02/21/2020

The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance announced the publication of CG-CVC Policy Letter 20-01“Subchapter M Enforcement Posture for Certificate of Inspection (COI) Phase-In Requirements,” dated February 20, 2020.  

This policy letter provides guidance regarding the enforcement posture for towing vessels’ COI phase-in requirements within 46 CFR §136.202. As of July 20, 2018, towing vessels subject to inspection under 46 CFR Subchapter M must be in compliance with the requirements of the subchapter, even if the vessel has not yet received a Coast Guard-issued COI. With each subsequent scheduled phase-in date, regardless of inspection option chosen, companies with vessels selected in accordance with this policy that have not been issued a COI in accordance with the regulations, will be issued a Coast Guard Form CG-835V, for non-compliance.  

Read the policy letter for full details.

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