TVIB TALKS: Factors to Consider in TPO Selection

Final Installment – At the 2017 International WorkBoat Show last December, Chris Parsonage, TVIB President, presented on a panel discussing the TSMS option versus the U.S. Coast Guard Inspection option for Subchapter M compliance.  Following is the fourth and final in a series of posts from that presentation.

Factors to consider in TPO selection:

  • What are the major costs that should be considered?
    • What does the TPO charge?
    • What happens after the introductory special disappears?
  • Is my TPO committed to the Commercial Towing Market?
    • Will the TPO be less responsive when the oil industry rebounds?
  • Can the TPO meet our schedules?
    • Can the TPO perform multiple compliance audits within one audit so that it will meet other audit requirements such as AWO RCP?
    • What is the anticipated vessel downtime waiting for inspections or audits to be completed?
  • Will the TPO work to understand my operation?
    • Will the TPO provide guidance to help answer compliance questions unique to my company?
    • Does the TPO offer training for employees of companies selecting the Internal Survey Option?
  • Does the TPO have an adequate number of trained auditors and surveyors?
    • Will there be auditors and surveyors in all the locations where my vessels operate, or will they need to travel a long distance to perform the services?
    • Auditor and surveyor travel costs can amount to 25-40% of the cost of this work.
  • Will the auditors and surveyors be familiar with commercial towing vessels and related regulatory requirements for the specific vessel, and their route and service?
  • How is the TPO going to interpret equipment repair or replacement?

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