USCG: Sub M – Contact Local OCMI to Schedule COI Inspection


The Coast Guard’s Office of Commerical Vessel Compliance (CVC) issued a letter to Towing Vessel Owners and Operators encouraging them to begin contacting their local OCMI to schedule the vessel’s initial COI Inspection.

Click here to download the letter.

As a TPO representing many vessel owners and managing operators that have been participating in a Coast Guard-accepted existing safety management system we recognize that many of our TPO Customers intend to take benefit of CG-CVC Policy Letter 17-02 (dated 05/24/2017) which may allow them to use a valid UTV Decal in lieu of the COI Inspection.  Acceptance of the UTV Decal in lieu of the COI Inspection is strictly at the discretion of each OCMI. We encourage you to reach out to each of the OCMIs where you will file an application for COI (CG-Form 3752) to determine their expectations.

Click here to download CG-CVC Policy Letter 17-02.

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