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USCG: River Industry Day 2019 – Huntington

12/17/19 – U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Huntington and the Huntington District Waterways Association hosted their second annual River Industry Day.  CDR Mangini, Commanding Officer of MSU Huntington and Bill Barr, President of the Huntington District Waterways Associated welcomed attendees and then jumped right in to a broad agenda that covered a year in review for the unit, Subchapter M and a COI signing to start the day.

Mr. Geoff Scibek, Chief, Inspections Division for the unit and Ms. Jill Bessetti, District 8 Towing Vessel Coordinator provided an update on the current status of towing vessel inspections and issuance of COIs. Following are some of Subchapter M metrics shared:

MSU Huntington

Towing Vessel Inspections2370

COI Status

UnitFleet SizeTSMS COIsCG COIsTotal COIs

District 8 Sector Breakdown of TSMS Option COIs


CDR Mangini signed the most recent COI for AEPs fleet and presented to Mike Weisend, Regulatory Manager for AEP.  On hand to mark the event was also Joe Lagerman and Butch Leport with AEP along with Tava Foret and Lauren Jeppson for TVIB.

NTSB: Marine Accident Brief of the Capsizing of the Towboat Miss Roslyn

The NTSB has published the results of its investigation into the sinking of the ITV Miss Roslyn. Following are the executive summary and probable cause as published on the NTSBs website. Below is a link to download the full report.

Executive Summary
On October 9, 2018, at 1630 local time, the fleet towboat Miss Roslyn was traveling downbound at mile 142 on the Lower Mississippi River near Reserve, Louisiana, when it began to flood and list to starboard. The three crewmembers abandoned the towboat onto a moored fleet barge and a Good Samaritan vessel. The Miss Roslyn capsized and sank on its starboard side. No injuries were reported. There was a visible oil sheen; containment booms and absorbent pads were placed around the vessel. Damages from flooding were estimated at $1,130,000.

Probable Cause
The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the capsizing of the Miss Roslyn was the company’s lack of effective hull inspection and maintenance program, which resulted in flooding into a steering void through multiple wastage holes in the hull.

Click here to download the NTSB Marine Accident Brief for the Capsizing of the Towboat Miss Roslyn.

TVIB: Wrapping Up Another Successful Annual Surveyor Course

This week we had a great group of students in for the Annual Surveyor of Towing Vessels (ASTV) course in Houston. We continue to have a cross-section of industry and Coast Guard attendees. This combination of industry and Coast Guard breaks down barriers, helps to establish relationship and paves the way for a collaborative effort of ushering in Subchapter M. We had students from as far away as Alaska and as near as around the corner.

Stay tuned for the 2019 Training Calendar.