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Surveyor Training Opportunity

We have a limited number of seats available for upcoming our Annual Survey of Towing Vessels (ASTV) course next month in New Orleans.  The course will be held March 12-15, 2019 from 8am-5pm at Turn Services, 3333 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA.

The ASTV course is required for those seeking the TVIB Certified Subchapter M Surveyor for Annual Surveys credential to perform TVIB TPO Subchapter M annual surveys of towing vessels but has also been designed to teach those who will be performing surveys as a part of an internal survey program.

Since the inception of the training, TVIB has hosted more than 30 USCG personnel, including investigators and inspectors from across various sectors.  The combination of students from both industry and the USCG has proven to be an invaluable mix for the course, resulting in dynamic and informative discussion and insights.

Click here for course information and registration.

If you have any issues registering or have any further questions, please feel free to contact Cindy Hunsaker at

USCG: Suspicious Cyber Activity Incident Involving Commercial Vessel

Sectors Ohio Valley and Miami have both issued alerts regarding a recent report of suspicious cyber activity incident involving a commercial vessel. The incident involved an email sent claiming to represent an official port state control body using “” as the sending email. The suspicious email was sent directly to the Master of the vessel requesting sensitive information about the vessel, its crew and its cargo. The Master was concerned about the sender and the request and activated the relevant portions of the vessel security plan (VSP).

The USCG reminds the industry to review CG-5P Policy Letter 08-16 – Reporting Suspicious Activity and Breaches of Security which outlines the criteria and process for MTSA regulated vessels and facilities.

Click here to download PSIB 01-2019 issued by Sector Ohio Valley

Click here to download MSIB 19-002 issued by Sector Miami

Click here to download CG-5P Policy Letter 08-16 – Reporting Suspicious Activity and Breaches of Security

USCG: Update to Policy Letter 17-04, “Subchapter M Third Party Organization Guidance”

02/05/2019 – Reposted from Coast Guard Maritime Commons:

The Office of Commerical Vessel Compliance issued Change 1 to Policy Letter 17-04, “Subchapter M Third Party Organization (TPO) Guidance” Jan. 31, 2019.

CG-CVC Policy Letter 17-04 is here by cancelled and superseded by Change 1. Updates are limited to the Subchapter M Third Party Organization Guidebook enclosure and include:

a. Updated multiple parts of Section 5 that address the main responsibilities of a TPO;
b. Updated Section 7 to include more information pertaining to actions a TPO auditor or surveyor should take when they identify a problem;
c. Updated Section 8 to address the validity of TSMS certificates if a TPO’s approval is voluntarily surrendered;
d. Updated Section 9 to address the process for a third party developed course to gain Coast Guard acceptance;
e. Updated Appendix 1: Third Party Organization Application Job Aid to included previously missed regulations; and
f. Added two new appendices: Appendix 2: Audit Result Submissions and Appendix 3: Aid for Processing, Recording, and Reporting Deficiencies.

Policy Letter 17-04 (Change 1) provides guidance to the Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise, Officer(s) in Charge, Marine Inspection, and the marine industry on TPO requirements as discussed in reference the Inspection of Towing Vessels Final Rule published June 20 2016. It is intended for use by the NCOE, OCMIs, and entities within the maritime industry that are or want to become TPOs.

For full details, view or download Policy Letter 17-04 (Change 1), or contact the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, Domestic Compliance Division at

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