TVIB TALKS: What should my company do now, if choosing the TSMS option?

Installment 2 – At the 2017 International WorkBoat Show, Chris Parsonage, TVIB President, presented on a panel discussing the TSMS option versus the U.S. Coast Guard Inspection option for Subchapter M compliance.  Following is the second in a series of posts from that presentation.

What should my company do now, if choosing the TSMS option for Subchapter M compliance?

  • Pick a TPO soon
  • Evaluate my TPOs requirements for issuing the initial TSMS Certificate
    • Can I utilize previous management and vessel audits or do I need to start over?
  • Obtain a TSMS certificate at least 6 months prior to first COI application
  • Survey all vessels and prepare a gap analysis to ensure all vessels can be in compliance by July 20, 2018
  • Develop a plan for conducting all required management and vessel audits needed for initial COI issuance
  • Talk to your local OCMI
  • Apply for initial COIs

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